We Offer The Following Types of

Bar Soaps

Ginger Essential Soap

Lemongrass Herbal Soap

Bird Nest Moisturizing Soap

Jackfruit Whitening Soap

Mangosteen Antioxidant Soap

Kacip Fatimah Feminine Soap

Sirih Leaves Hygienic Soap

Red Onion Hair Soap Bar

Turmeric Purified Beauty Soap

Rambutan Cell Renewal Soap

Langsat Care Depigmentation Soap

Sugarcane AHA Natural Soap

Milk Peptide Brightening Soap

Heilmoor Clay Purifying Soap

7 Chakra Beautifying Soap

5 Elemental Energy Soap Bar

Varieties of Colour Clay Soap

Glacier Swiss Mud Soap Bar

Tongkat Ali Men Soap

Gambir Sarawak Men Soap

Stem Cell Rejuvenating Cleansing Soap

Charcoal Black Detox Body Bar

Pre, Pro & Postbiotic Baby Soap Bar

Advance Smoothening Breast Soap

Tocotrienol Multicare Soap Bar

Beta Carotene Vit.A Cleansing Bar

Amino Acids NMF Bar Soap

VCHA Cell Perfective Cleansing Soap

EZCare Balancing Cleansing Bar

Lemon-Eucalyptus Pro-Guard Body Soap

Aloe Vera Bar Soap

Apricot Bar Soap

Argan Bar Soap

Black Cumin Bar Soap

Cacao Bar Soap

Camel Milk Bar Soap

Chamomile Bar Soap

Daphne Bar Soap

Goat Milk Bar Soap

Goat Milk & Honey Bar Soap

Kefir Bar Soap

Grape Bar Soap

Honey & Oatmeal Bar Soap

Lavender Bar Soap

Argan Bar Soap

Lemon Bar Soap

Mango Bar Soap

Vegan Bar Soap

Orange & Cinnamon Bar Soap

Pomegranate Bar Soap

Rice Bran Bar Soap

Rose Bar Soap

Rosemary Bar Soap

Shampoo Bar Soap

Shea Butter Bar Soap

Tea Tree Bar Soap

Turmeric Bar Soap

Medicated Bar Soap

Dermatological Cleansing Bar Soap

Bust Bar Soap

Soap variants

OEM Body Soap Collection
OEM Hair Soap
OEM Personal Care soap

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